Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running XBMC on Nokia N900 with MeeGo

Because my goal is to create new HTPC solution from my Pandaboard there is a need for proper HTPC software as well. I have used XBMC in the past a bit and have found it very good solution for HTPC usage so at least for now the plan is to get my HTPC solution to use XBMC as the software. Thanks to the XBMC community from providing this very good piece of software.

I spend some time on my vacation to compile the XBMC 10.0 to MeeGo ARM. This took couple of days to get done with all the dependency packages, graphics problems and things like these but I finally got it running and as an example of XBMC running on MeeGo on ARM I uploaded a video of Nokia N900 running XBMC.
As you can see from the video there is still some things to check and figure out, but it is already running which is very good sign. I am going to do the same on Pandaboard as soon as there is gles hardware acceleration available on that platform on top of MeeGo.

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