Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Nemo Mobile on CuBox

Finally all the needed stuff for cubox have been merged to Nemo and Mer and I got time to cleanup the adaptation bits a bit as well. So now we have Nemo Mobile running on CuBox, there are some bits and pieces still missing but it can be already used to some extend. Main issue seems to be with the graphics drivers, but anyway here is a short video of it..

Creating your own image

To create an image you need to install Mer SDK and then login to the sdk as guided. Download the .ks file

curl -O  http://sage.kapsi.fi/sagestechblog/cubox/cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks

And start the image build:

PATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr raw cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks --arch=armv7hl

Next thing is to put the image to the microsd card, example guide in nemo wiki. After this is done put the microsd card to the device and that is it.


  1. After entering chroot and after executing "PATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr raw cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks --arch=armv7hl" I get this error:
    "Error : Command 'extlinux' is not available".

    This command seems not to exist on the sdk... I think I did something very stupid....

    1. No, it is just a missing dependency of mic. You can fix that error with "sudo zypper install syslinux-extlinux" inside the SDK. Upstream bug can be found from https://bugs.merproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=576

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  5. Hello. I have this error

    MerSDK paul@paul-eME640:~$ PATH=$PATH:/sbin sudo mic cr raw cubox-2012-10-16-armv7hl.ks --arch=armv7hl
    mic 0.14 (Mer 0.2011 Mer)
    Info: Retrieving repo metadata:
    Info: Retrieving d6fee19a4b79dd35146c811b2f27cc3ddcd3deccff5636a149587212330e1dbInfo: Retrieving edc527b59bbf8b208b523a8c8b0ff26f8b82ab5bf2214dd9de8209bab0e3572Info: Retrieving b85488cd7c3560323e56bc01d210f2824b1ea2eeaaed01623474a46dbb855ecInfo: Retrieving 234c6a91c9a799122ed3a3c0733584671f58b3434b8d8410f56c99adc20dfb8Info: Retrieving repomd.xml ... DONE
    Package meego-pinquery is obsoleted by qmlpinquery, trying to install qmlpinquery-0.1.1-2.1.Nemo.Apps.armv7hl instead
    Package uxlaunch is obsoleted by nemo-mobile-session, trying to install nemo-mobile-session-13-1.1.Nemo.UX.MTF.armv7hl instead

    Error : Failed to build transaction : timed-2.57-1.13.Nemo.armv7hl requires tzdata-timed
    MerSDK paul@paul-eME640:~$

    1. Hi, the repositories have changed a bit. I will post an updated .ks file during next couple of days. Stay tuned.

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