Saturday, March 26, 2011

MeeGo Tablet UX on N900

Now when the MeeGo Tablet UX packages are published I managed to create an image containing the MeeGo 1.2 developer release with Tablet UX for the Nokia N900. Here is a short video showing some of the features of the image.
I'm also uploading the image and the .ks file to under the n900 directory in near future. File names will be:
  • tablet-armv7hl-n900-v01.README
  • tablet-armv7hl-n900-v01.ks
  • mg-tablet-armv7hl-n900-
NOTE: If you create an image yourself with the .ks file provided the ctrl does not work as a exit button as shown in the video, but you need to modify the meego-ux-daemon package and add following patch:
--- meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0-more-home-keys.patch (revision 0)
+++ meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0-more-home-keys.patch (revision 2)
@@ -0,0 +1,12 @@
+diff -ruN --exclude='*~' meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0.orig/application.cpp meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0/application.cpp
+--- meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0.orig/application.cpp 2011-03-25 22:48:35.078772707 +0200
++++ meego-ux-daemon-0.2.0/application.cpp 2011-03-25 22:49:12.695193354 +0200
+@@ -222,6 +222,8 @@
+ grabHomeKey("Super_L");
+ grabHomeKey("Super_R");
++ grabHomeKey("Control_L");
++ grabHomeKey("Control_R");
+ grabHomeKey("XF86AudioMedia"); // WeTab's corner key
+ menu = grabKey("Menu");

Enjoy you new MeeGo experience on Nokia N900.


  1. could u please tell me how do i use this image file coz i have tried to use this images with flashing kernel file but it gives me black or dark bluescreen and stops there.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention that when you boot the image you need to tap the centre of the right border of the screen to get the UX activated. There is some kind of bug that the UX doesn't appear otherwise.

  3. i have tired to tap the screen. but still i am getting the same dark blue screen. please can you tell me how boot meego on n900 again. because i think i may have made a mistake some where. thank you

  4. could u provide me the kernel file which u use to flash to boot this meego image

  5. I uploaded the kernels to the same place. Also there is v02 image now provided that has more apps which were missing from the first image.

    Try rebooting the device and then try to tap/swipe every border of the screen and the UX should appear somewhere.

    Ps. If you need more help you can also come to #meego-arm IRC channel to the Freenode.

  6. thanks . its working now. thanks a lot.

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  8. i couldn't find any kernels in could you share your kernels?

  9. i am trying to slahs the infromation like it is explained on the meego site to put the meego os on the n900.

    i have extracted the rawe file, and transfered it to a micosd. tried to use the commands

    flasher-3.5.exe -l -k (file name) -b

    i keep getting no such file or directory.

    any help please?

    ps...i dont understand the #meego-irc thing...or i would go there.

    isnt there just a url? or standard email? i would have sent an email or gone to the website.

  10. Sage Image is good and Thanks :D

  11. Please can you tell us how to go back from the setting, what key did you press in your video

  12. I used ctrl button in the video to go back. This button is a hack that is included in the image and isn't in the official packages.

  13. Your tabet image run faster than the original meego image for n900.


  14. why i have flasher-3.5: not found?
    how you do that? please help me

  15. Has anyone tried Bing's airport map feature? It's awesome!

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