Sunday, November 20, 2011

PandaBoard, Mer and XBMC

It has been a while when I posted anything about my Pandaboard+MeeGo+XBMC HTPC project, this "pause" has been mainly because of lack of time. Now when Intel announced Tizen and MeeGo was announced to be more or less discontinued as such community started a new project called Mer.

Mer supports more architectures from the beginning than MeeGo did as well as it is a lot smaller and easier to maintain still keeping many of the things that were available in MeeGo as well. So after a while playing with Mer I decided to give the pandaboard and XBMC a go with it and after a while I got it running on my PandaBoard as well. Below is a small video clip that demonstrates the current status of my configuration:

So as shown on the video the XBMC on PandaBoard can already play video files and most of the XBMC features are working as well. Some of the missing parts from the adaptation are audio, WiFi and bluetooth as well as hardware accelerated codecs etc. Mainly because those are proprietary binary blobs and I haven't had time to test those yet.

Image is available for download at

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