Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tizen Developer Conference Day 1

The first day of Tizen Developer Conference is over and I wanted to do a quick recap of the day.. So here is how it went for me with my impressions of the day ..

For me the day started  with a breakfast on the nearby bagel place just around the corner of the hotel. And I must say that the bagel was quite nice and if we wouldn't be given breakfast upcoming days by the conference I could see myself going back to the place.

After having the breakfast we headed towards the hacker lounge and from there around noon Dawn Foster took us to a tour around the city where we saw many nice places and at least I got some very welcome exercise as well. :)

After the walk we went to the ground floor to register where we got tizen backbag that contained some tizen branded items, such as, t-shirt, coffee mug, universal power adapter (same that we got from the MeeGo Conference 2011 but with Tizen logo) and "screwdriver pen".

During the same time with registration the showcase demos were open and companies working with Tizen were demonstrating what they have done with Tizen. The demos were shown mainly with at the time unknown "developer devices" that based on the settings menu was called Fraser and had model GT-I9500 which refers to a samsung product line, e.g. Galaxy Nexus that I posted a demo running Nemo is called GT-I9250.

After the showcase demos the first keynote started and as a surprise to many the keynote was not held by Imad Sousou and Jong-Deok Choi but Jim Zemlin from Linux Foundation.

In the presentation Jim talked a lot about Linux again (anyone recall the Jim's keynote from MeeGo conference 2011 last year?) and didn't concentrate much to Tizen IMO. Also Android and Apple were mentioned so many times that at least to me it didn't feel like I was in the Tizen Developer Conference anymore.
Also during the evening it was told to me that the presentation has some familiar features so I did a bit of a research and found couple of similar things from the net. First one is from Embedded Linux Conference 2012 and second one is 2011 Enterprise Users' Meeting Japan (~20:18) last year. Can you see the similarities? :)

After the keynote there was food and drinks sponsored by the Tizen Association...

... and even later in the evening we had very nice session of Werewolf at the hacker lounge thanks to Dawn.

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