Friday, May 11, 2012

Tizen Developer Conference Day 3

Similar to the day 2 the third day started with a breakfast at the Atrium level and was in my opinion very good as well. After the breakfast I headed to the street level to get the giweaway present, i.e., Tizen Developer Device that was presented yesterday during the keynote given by the two Tizen TSG members Imad and Jong-Deok.

After getting the device it was of course time to check the content which was pretty basics, the device itself, micro usb cable, charger, which was surprisingly with a euro plug instead of US plug and a converter from euro plug to US wall socket. Also a cleaning "thingy" and 4G USB memory stick with SDK files inside were provided.

After unpacking and booting and testing the device a bit I headed towards the talk rooms to get some more information about the happenings around Tizen.

First talk of the day that I went to listen was "Developer Highlight Presentations: HTML5 Apps Development for Tizen Devices" which was a bit hard to follow probably mainly as the jetlag still prevented me from sleeping enough and I still wasn't awake really. :P

Next went to listen "HTML5 Canvas vs CSS3" presentation which was quite interesting and after the presentation listener had a better understanding about the differences. Also I was interested about the demos shown and how capable CSS3 actually is.

And of course one needs to eat as well, so went for a lunch in the Atrium level a bit after noon. Food was good as usual.

As a last talk I went to listen "Enabling Gordova (aka PhoneGap)" talk by Rene Pourtier.

The final part of the event for me was the Tizen SDK Hands-on session which was very nice session and gave very detailed and quick introduction to the different features of the SDK. The session consisted of three different parts, first part was how to use the SDK itself and how to get started of creating application with a template and how to run the applciation in the emulator. Second part was about how to use the debug functions within the SDK.

And the last part was a QA session with the SDK development team. There were many questions from the community about the SDK. However, there was one thing that bothered me and that was one person who kept "asking questions" and talking about many other things also than the Tizen SDK. Much good time from others was wasted with this non SDK related talker.

That was it, the conference is over. I had a lot of fun and got reasonable amount of information about the current status of Tizen and how to start hacking. It was also very nice to see the community and connect to others that are working with similar things. So thanks to Linux Foundation, Intel, Samsung and other sponsors that made this event a success.

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